FOX Engineering Workshop

Nickel ore Mining & Engineering’s extensive workshop is located in Gateshead, near Newcastle NSW.


The workshop has a 2520m2 area under cranage and has sufficient capacity to accommodate a total single lift capacity of 50 tonne. Machines of 100 tonne are trammed on and off floats under their own power. Cranage equipment consists of 2 x 25 tonne, 1 x 10 tonne and 1 x 5 tonne, eliminating the need to hire a crane externally, adding time and costs.


There is also a large internal compliant wash down bay with oil separation and large spray painting booth.


Nickel ore's dedicated electrical section can handle repairs and installations of all types of electrical equipment, and is complete with a testing facility up to 1000 volts.


Each job has a dedicated management plan and is overseen from start to finish by the same dedicated team.

Nickel ore is a mechanical, electrical and hydraulic ‘one-stop-shop’.